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Terms & Abbreviations for Blue Bird Motor Homes

BMC - Blue Bird Motor Coach 

FC - Forward Control which designates the engine is mounted in the front of the unit. All Blue Bird Wanderlodges are rear axle drive. 

31-FC - Thirty-one foot Forward Control 

33-FC - Thirty-three foot Forward Control 

35-FC - Thirty-Five foot Forward Control 

PT - Pusher with a tag axle 

PT-35 - Thirty-Five foot Pusher 

PT-36 - Thirty-six foot Pusher 

PT-38 - Thirty-eight foot Pusher 

PT-40 - Forty foot Pusher 

RB - Rear Bath 

SB - Side Bath

SP - Single Axle Pusher 

WB - Wide Body 

WL - Wanderlodge 

XV - 15th Anniversary unit built in 1978/1979 

XXV - 25th Anniversary unit built in 1988/1989 

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